Key Software Compliance Standards

Development teams in safety-critical industries need to comply with standards, such as:

Pass Audits and Get In Compliance With Perforce

Perforce tools — Helix Core, Helix ALM, and Helix QAC — minimize risk and help development teams pass audits.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risk before you ship.

Use Helix QAC to prevent, detect, and eliminate defects. You’ll get visibility into the highest priority issues in your code. So, you’ll be able to prioritize issues based on risk factors and fix the most critical issues first.

Use Helix ALM to identify and analyze risk before you ship. You’ll get a traceability matrix showing requirements, tests, and bugs. So, you’ll be able to prioritize issues and find the root cause of defects.

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Complete Traceability

Get complete traceability across development.

Use Helix ALM to create traceability across requirements, tests, bugs, and code. You can even create a traceability matrix automatically — which makes it easier to prove compliance. Plus, you can use it to do a risk analysis or impact analysis.

Use Helix Core for full traceability across your source code and binary files. You’ll get a complete change history across your digital assets. And you’ll have a full audit trail for compliance.

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Coding Standards

Comply with coding standards to improve overall software quality.

Use Helix QAC to enforce compliance with a coding standard. You can choose the coding standard of your choice — such as MISRA, AUTOSAR, or CERT. Helix QAC will highlight rule violations. So, you’ll be able to make the right changes and ensure that your C or C++ code is compliant.

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Change Impact Analysis

Know the impact of every requirement change.

Use Helix ALM to do a change impact analysis. Your requirements will be linked to tests, bugs, and source code. So, if a requirement changes, you’ll know what was impacted. This takes the guesswork out of understanding and approving requirement changes.

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Test Validation

Tests fail. And when they do, you need to know why.

Use Helix ALM to manage your testing efforts. Helix ALM can link failed test runs to defects — and provide traceability from the test to the resolution of the failure. You can even pair it with Helix Core. So, you can trace a requirement in Helix ALM all the way to source code changes in Helix Core.

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Enterprise Leaders Trust Perforce for Compliance

Medical device. Automotive. Aerospace and defense. These are just a few of the companies that Perforce helps to measure, identify, and eliminate audit and compliance risk.

Static Code Analysis

Static analyzers help you comply with coding standards and deliver products with fewer bugs. See how Helix QAC for C and C++ does it.


Application lifecycle management helps you track compliance requirements and pass audits. See how.

Version Control

Version control is critical for passing audits and proving compliance. See how Helix Core makes it easy.